Earlier tonight, after praying Maghrib in the Darul Khair Masjid in Flemingdon Park neighbourhood in North York, I spent about 20 minutes searching the western skies for the new moon.

My search took me to Don Mills Road, across from the Ontario Science Centre.

With highrise towers no longer blocking the view, and only the tree tops fencing in the parking lot, I had fully expected to see the new moon.

SubhanAllah, nope. Not tonight. Marshmallow clouds hazed the horizon.

I emailed my report of a Negative Moonsighting to Br. Khalid Shaukat over at

All the while, I was recalling how for the past three years, I intended to properly blog about my Umrah, the minor pilgrimage, to Makkah, and Zirayah, visit to Madinah, back in 2011.

So that’s what the above video is about along with an archive of tweets which follow these words.

Each day, for the following nine days leading to Eid-al-Adha 2014, beginning tonight, you will see a story of a video plus a collection of tweets related to it… InshAllah.

My Umrah was technically, and correctly, only a few hours in length in the City of Makkah.

However, if you the dear reader of this blog, will forgive me, the titles of this and following nine blog posts will include the word Umrah.

Bismillah. Let us begin our Journey . . . Together . . .
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GTA Eid Festival

Takbeerat, before Eid al Fitr Prayer, Metro Toronto Convention Centre

GTA Eid al Fitr - Takbeerat - Muslim Association of Canada - Metro Toronto Convention Centre - Monday July 28 2014

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Eric Walberg, is an Author and Journalist. He is avid reader of this 30Masjids Blog since last Ramadan in 2013.

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We caught up with Toronto City Council Candidate, Masiullah Mohebzada, Masi to his friends, to answer @Neville_Park‘s tweeted question at the beginning of Ramadan…

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Baitul Mukarram Masjid, 3340 Danforth Avenue - 000

Good Deeds Made Easy For The Blessed

Bad Deed Made Easy For Wretch

Hey… it kinda rhymes!

Thus began Night 26 of Ramadan 2014 in front of Baitul Mukarram Masjid in Scarborough.

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Brother Abdul Haq is the Founder of The Masjid in Medellín, Colombia.
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Earlier this year, I was in Medellín, Colombia attending the World Urban Forum, learning all about Cities and how to bring Global Best Practices to my hometown of Toronto.

While there I blogged about the local Muslim Community. However, I wasn’t the only one learning about Medellín and its Muslim People. Mariana Parra made it her Senior Thesis topic and was there researching while I was visiting.

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