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Day 31 – VIDEO: GTA Eid Festival – Muslim Association of Canada – Metro Toronto Convention Centre – Monday July 28 2014

GTA Eid Festival

Day 31 – GTA Eid al Fitr – Muslim Association of Canada – Metro Toronto Convention Centre – Monday July 28 2014

Takbeerat, before Eid al Fitr Prayer, Metro Toronto Convention Centre Read more

Night 28 – Khatm of Qur’an – Islamic Foundation of Toronto – Scarborough

RT @cbhuk #Makkah right now via: guitaristoto | #Ramadan #Ramadan2014 — HïMY SYeD (@30masjids) July 25, 2014 At Islamic Foundation of #Toronto (@iftlive)...
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30 MORE : Night 27 – VIDEO: Meet Eric Walberg – Author – Journalist

Eric Walberg, is an Author and Journalist. He is avid reader of this 30Masjids Blog since last Ramadan in 2013. Read more

Night 27 – Pape Cami – Ramadan Iftar Dinner – Matty Eckler Community Recreation Centre

Mayoral Candidate @DavidSoknacki & Imam of @PapeCami at last night's #Ramadan #iftar. #voteTO #TOpoli — HïMY SYeD (@HiMYSYeD) July 24, 2014 Read more

Day 26 – VIDEO: Meet Masiullah Mohebzada – Toronto City Council Candidate – Ward 36 Scarborough South West

Story I’d like to read: various candidates’ strategies for campaigning during Ramadan. #TOpoli — Neville Park (@neville_park) June 30, 2014 We caught up with Toronto City...
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Night 26 – Baitul Mukarram Islamic Society / Baitul Mukarram Masjid, 3340 Danforth Avenue – Scarborough

Good Deeds Made Easy For The Blessed Bad Deed Made Easy For Wretch Hey… it kinda rhymes! Thus began Night 26 of Ramadan 2014 in front of Baitul Mukarram Masjid in Scarborough. Read more

30 MORE | Day 25 – VIDEO: Meet Abdul Haq – Asociación Centro Cultural Islámico de Medellín, Colombia

Brother Abdul Haq is the Founder of The Masjid in Medellín, Colombia. Read more

30 MORE | Medellín Y El Islam – Mariana Parra

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Day 24 – VIDEO: The Battle of Badr – Shaikh Abdool Hamid – Masjid Toronto

Shaikh Abdool Hamid delivers Islamic Reminders on Mondays and Wednesdays in Masjid Toronto after the Dhuhr/Mid-Day Prayer. Today’s Reminder explained why The Battle of Badr was Decreed to be in...
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Day 23 – Fundraising Lecture and Iftar – Masjid Al-Qalam – Al-Qalam Islamic Community Centre – North York

Masjid Al-Qalam is one of the loose ends I wanted to tie up this year. We first visited Al-Qalam Islamic Centre on Day 4 of Ramadan 2012. Then like now they were engaged in a fundraising campaign...
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Night 23 – Islamic Foundation of Toronto – Nugget Mosque

Islamic Foundation of #Toronto (@iftlive) lit up like a Christmas Tree… No, wait! Sorry. My bad. #30days #Ramada — HïMY SYeD (@30masjids) July 20, 2014 Read...
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Day 22 – VIDEO: Project Ramadan, Basket Build – Muslim Welfare Centre, Mississauga

Project Ramadan, Basket Build, Muslim Welfare Centre, 3490 Mavis Road, Mississauga. Read more

Day 22 – Project Ramadan, Basket Build – Muslim Welfare Centre, 3490 Mavis Road, Mississauga

Frenetic Pace inside @Project_Ramadan's Basket Build Tent at @MWCofTO's #Mississauga location. #Ramadan #30Days — HïMY SYeD (@30masjids) July 19, 2014 ...
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Day 21 – Third Friday – VIDEO: Ziyaad Mia, Founder of Give 30 – Bosnian Islamic Centre, Etobicoke

We first met Ziyaad Mia, Founder and Project Co-ordinator of the Give 30 Project (@Give_30), last year on the last day of Ramadan 2013. 30 Masjids reached out to Brother Ziyaad for an update and...
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